Nothing at all has been done in the last day, by me at least. That way I don’t spend any money.
Unless you call listening to Chris Morris GLR radio shows, watching Maid Marion and Her Merry Men and reading Reykjavik 101 that is. In that case I think you will find that I’ve been incredibly busy.

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  1. yo how are you watching maid marion? i want some of that shit for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What’s Reykjavik 101? Saw a movie of the same name back in Rohacova.

  3. i used to date a Dj… oh and i think i’m in love with you…

    • Cool, I could do with some of that shit.
      By the way your journal killed my computer.

      • how sad is your computer? it loads just fine on mine… although it has been said that i could run a third world country from my pc alone… so guess that means i’m packing heat pc-wise… actually i’ve been told i’m “packing heat” body wise too… hmmm.. love that phrase… so tell me about you mysterious man.. you intrigure me so.

        • I’m on a cheap computer in an internet cafe in eastern europe…
          If you want data look at the info, though is a bit broken. Or the page next to the word website.

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