Went to the dingy parts of Dejvice to play pool on a multi-stained table with Lucie last night. Every shot was a fluke, in fact it seemed a struggle not to pot a ball. It was ace. I won, obviously. The first game was over at the second shot, when Lucie potted the black. The second was a wipeout for me until I potted the white with the black. Then the third game the balls all just went in, but I got there first. Yay for me.
Tonight there may or may not be a party at Jess’s place. Well, it’s on for sure, but I may not be there. I’ve got to work tomorrow and…. oh, who am I kidding?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oops,i haven’t checked this in a little while…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMES!!!!!! also,i saw your comment about septofort: you DO remember that you’re not supposed to swallow them, right? ;) hope you are well-it sounds like you are, which is awesome! miss you lots! love,lara

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