Since waking this morning with a throat almost closed dry from infection and dubious mucus, the colour of which I am fortunately unable to see, I have had a constant stream of people phoning me up and asking me to teach them English. I’m really not sure why today was the day of choice, perhaps it’s “phone a new English teacher” day and nobody told me, but all I know is that I appear to have three more students than I did yesterday, despite me being unable to speak properly. And them not being able to speak English very well. And the phone reception in Horni Pocernice being only marginally better than it would be if I made my calls from the bottom of a mineshaft.
This week has been unbelievably lazy. I’ve read 5 books, watched at least 40 episodes of the Simpsons and a listened to a lot of world service news. Next week I have students, therefore money, therefore social life. Sweet sweet sweet.
I just thought of an idea for a book too, but will tell nobody about it until it is finished, maybe not even then.

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    I also have an idea for a book… It’s about a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought back to life using advanced cloning techniques! I call it, “Billy and the Clonasaurus”.

  2. your throat
    hope your throat gets better, and from what you said about it, you ARE lucky you can’t see the color of it! ew…

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