I’ve watched so much Simpsons of late that I’m starting to have premonitions of the episodes prior to watching them. Today I was listening to the news and started to think about two wrongs not equaling a right for some reason. Then I though of that time Lisa says “funny how sometimes two wrongs do make a right” which hasn’t got anything to do with anything, has it? It just popped into my head.
I didn’t think twice about it until I put a video into the machine fifteen minutes later and… guess what episode it happened to be? This was a bit odd the first time it happened, but this must be about the 50th time. It leads me to three conclusions;
1. I’m watching way too much Simpsons.
2. That doesn’t really satisfactorily explain it.
3. I have a psychic Simpsons link.
Had a new student today, and more next week, so hopefully some normal activity will stop me from going any more insane.

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    Simpsons is a mighty fine TV show, quite possibly one of the best ever! My favorite episode is the one where Marge gets a job at the power plant. So many moments in that one, you can’t lose~!!

  2. sunnylove says:

    a new student? what do you teach?

  3. tanz_debil says:

    i clicked the random button and i got your journal. i was suprised to see that you were listening to fairport convention! i’ve been a richard thompson fan since i was a wee little thang…
    i just thought i’d say that.

  4. xcure_dollx says:

    haha y’know whats funny? ive had the same thing for years. i vaugely recall an episode for no apparent reason and then a couple days later it pops up on tv. im like “wtf guys….im crazy o_o”

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