I took the metro out to the new metro station / wind tunnel recently opened at Ladvi to meet my new student. He didn’t turn up, but said he couldn’t make it after I’d been there 15 minutes, by means of text message. I didn’t particularly mind. I never do.
A free Saturday, then, and nothing much to do.

Prague sights, no. 1
A very small dog lives in Horni Pocernice. Does it have an owner? No idea. But it trots around the estate with complete freedom and sleeps / dozes under the gate at the end of my road. It is a foot long and has extremely long tangled hair, the overall impression being that of a (sometimes) moving badly stuffed ornament. When it isn’t lying under the gate, it follows me around the streets, trotting happily ten yards behind me.

Prague sights, no. 2
A middle-aged man roams the streets of Holesovice. He has the strangest shape of any human being I have ever seen. I could swear that he was an actor pretending to be fat to prepare a role. His arms and head are skinny and normal but his middle is so large it looks like he’s stuffed seven or eight pillows up his shirt.
Vladka says he smells so bad she crosses the street to avoid him.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Can you please tell my how you made your layout.
    I like how you have made a box in the middle of the screen.
    I like it and i’m just wondering how you did it.
    Please reply to my message !
    and Thankyou =)

    • Re: Hello
      Layout: Generator
      Theme: Elegant
      That’s all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Hello

        I didn’t mean that..
        I wanted to know how you got a table in the middle of the screen.
        This box type of thing your journal is in.
        Cos all the journals are like full screen and yours..
        is like a background and in the middle of the screen theres a box with your journal in it
        If you don’t unserstand what im saying, then don’t worry !
        Thankyou =]

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