My mother and sister arrived on Saturday night, right in the middle of the Czech – Netherlands game. A tv screen in the arrivals area had it on and as I waited for their delayed flight to check out the team staged their comeback and the place went nuts. Security guards, cleaners, plane staff and hostel runners stood around and cheered.
Sunday I took them around town, then we went to the Tyn Church in Old Town Square to see a choir perform a very strange selection of songs. Monday I was working, but we managed to get to the theatre to see some Chehkov, which was very funny. About five or six people I know turned up too, it’s a small world out here.
Today we went around a bit more, and to the Mucha museum which is alright, though a little small. I was a little distracted, though, as my language school has decided not to pay me my wages today after all. The reason? Apparently because they ‘haven’t got the money.’ Oh, well, that’s alright then! I’m just some fucking trust fund kid, yeah? I don’t have to pay the fucking rent today? I don’t need money to buy food and, um, a new transport pass to take me to the lessons I’m teaching for them! Jesus fucking christ. I like how they gave me 2 hours warning too, and how they were too cowardly to finish the argument by anything other than text message.
Mum and sister have just gone home. Sad to see them go, it has been a lot of fun having them here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey bitch- its dennis
    cheers for a great time arguing with yanks and drinking myself to a liver decease. Im off to glasto today, meeting reynolds and ted at some stage, hopefully gwen will call too. Ted has had some bad shit go down- his grandad died real sudden on thurs and his dads got cancer (should be ok though, they caught it early). anyway he should cheer up over the weekend, and there putting the england portugal game on the big screen tom. How fucking well are they playing!
    keep it real, peace in the middle east

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