Another long long journey across town last night. I managed to get two trams and one bus before being dumped the wrong side of Černy Most, leaving me with a 40 minute walk down the motorway. Superb indeed. I may purchase / borrow / ‘find’ a bike to fix this problem, though it is a stupid idea now I think about it and I probably won’t bother. If Prague wasn’t so full of hills, cobbles and licensed psychopaths behind the wheel I may just consider it though.
I haven’t eaten today, and I’m running out of money. Chips, methinks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Continuing the current trend for the English to suck woefully at most sports, I trust you noticed your fine rugby team getting the absolute shite dealt in two consecutive tests against the AB’s? Ah well, the cricket team’s not doing so bad…

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