I found some unbelievably cheap mince at Julius Meinl yesterday. It was labelled ‘akce maso’ which translates as ‘action meat’ but means ‘cheap shit.’ How could I resist? Frying it some time later I produced an unmistakably rancid smell which soon came to dominate the house. Martin advised me that it was probably unfit to eat so I eventually decided not to eat it, but throw it away. What a waste of 17 crowns.
Martin’s nieces locked the spare room a few days back, and lost the key. This morning I lay in bed and listened to an emergency locksmith chiseling the lock off the door, the aborted effort having shattered the frame. Not a soothing sound really, but I slept through it and spent the remainder of my day listening to War Of The Worlds, lying in the sun, drinking tea and vaguely preparing lessons.
Have just found out it is Hamish’s birthday today (why was I not told?) so will be forced to jake a few jars in, just hope I’m not observed teaching tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Send in the Praetorian Guard
    Mate, sorry ’bout that – I thought you knew!! Plus, no cred on the mobile for contakty, plus..bah, stupid excuses.
    Got your note at the bar though. Cheers. Eventually arrived there at 00:30 after seeing premiere of Dawn of the Dead – which was fucking fantastic.
    Had fun night..and morning.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Send in the Praetorian Guard
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAMISH!!! wish jan and i could have been there to celebrate with you! vsechno nejlepsi! love,lara

  2. Anonymous says:

    hamish has (or had) a birthday!? did you have a nice birthday party? happy birthday for hamish, anyway!
    things are improving for me here, found a regular source but a rip off at the same time. have lots of work, looking forward to july to just relax for a couple of weeks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sweet as guys!!

      • Anonymous says:

        ….Oh yeah – had lovely day/night! Restaurant (Banditos), movie (Dawn of the Dead), Blind Eye (night of the living dead, ha-ha!)dressed in silver evening gown and nice make-up, herna bar from 0600 (day of the dead after that..ching!). Free drinks all night from friends and strangers alike. Pwhoar. :)

        • Anonymous says:

          happy birthday!!!!!
          hi hamish, how mad i haven’t checked this site for ages. hope u had a wicked one. guess what am coming back. this time in two months will be reunited! r u excited? its the start of 5 weeks of reunions then u won’t believe it, after partying in paradise (aka fiji) am off to work in new zealand. how crazy. get james to check his email for the full itinerary email. anyways see u in 2 months for lots of pivo and nocturnal madness,
          lisa xxx

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