In a great mood.
This morning I had no money and not really any coming.
Now I have a whole 140 crowns and more on the way.
Which is nothing really, but compared to this morning, when I was wondering if I would have to borrow, I am ecstatic.
On the tram I pulled faces at people. It was highly juvenile.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi james! is “go planet roxy” on this year? i realized it was almost exactly a year ago. are you going? miss you and everyone there lots- hugs from me for everyone! lara

  2. ex_guild says:

    Choose Your Own Adventure II
    You’ve selected Frank. Excellent choice! Frank is slow but weak, so you’ll have to build him up
    by feeding him shitty livejournal posts. Now get going! A world of Pokemon awaits you!
    Let’s go!

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