Dennis; A Cautionary Tale

Dennis arrives late at night and goes to bed early.

Dennis comes to town with me & Gwen, we drink all day. On returning to the hostel certain people take against him without having even spoken to him, though he has behaved himself completely.

We drink all day again, but this time with spirits. Then at the Clown & Bard we accidentally offend someone who does not appear to possess a sense of humour. I leave early with Jess, in the midst of it. Dennis is left to keep drinking till 6.

Entire day drinking again, and the night. Some people are now actively hostile towards him & he seems to have met a bizarre selection of people. After I have gone to bed he nearly gets into a fight or something and phones Ted to report that he has pissed off Prague.

I arrive at 4pm to find Dennis wildly drunk in the bar, singing and playing guitar. We eat at the restaurant but he falls asleep on the table. I return after work at 9pm to find him in the packed hostel bar, asleep on a chair with his shirt off.

Dennis is awake but unable to eat or drink for fear of being sick. He is very quiet. After a sip of beer he goes to bed at 10.30.

Partially recovered, he goes home. After a beer.

The Morals Of The Story
1. When in Prague pace yourself on the drinking.
2. Some people really just don’t get the joke.
3. Denzil is a legend.

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4 Responses to Dennis; A Cautionary Tale

  1. minstrel_g says:

    add me as a friend
    Hey, I really dig your lj. I think you have a cool life. Like to read more about it.

  2. top_plant says:

    dude, people are FLOCKING to your lj. it’s amazing…

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