June in Prague again. I had forgotten quite how dramatic it can be.
Some time yesterday was spent lying in the baking heat, then Jess called me on my way home and invited me out for a drink at a pizza restaurant by my old house. On the bus there I heard occasional thunder and as I found them under an awning I could feel the air getting tense around me. By now the sky was full of deep red storm clouds moving swiftly toward us. And then, safely sheltered (so we thought) such thunder, the sky lighting up with intricate flashes of lightning. Then the rain! In an hour we had gone from sunbathing weather to a storm so violent it would have been reported on the news in the UK.
We dashed inside eventually, and sat watching it, eating medovnik. When the clouds cleared the sky was black and I went off home.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I prefer to sleep in the fridge, actually
    Ahhh, Prague in June. Contrasts strangely with Wellington in June. Its not as cold as say, Prague in December, but whoever built all the houses way back in 1900 was under a serious misconception that we live in a tropical climate and therefore draughty weatherboard houses are ok. We worked out the other day that our living room is actually colder than our fridge. I hope youre all well and enjoying the crazy thunderiness of European summers. Myself, I have an exam tomorrow morning.
    Love Bea.

  2. i saw that you like miss kittin
    here is the link to her new record, enjoy !

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah, we are having some of the stormy weather here in saarbruecken. today the bus dropped me off just a few seconds before a downpour started. i got absolutely drenched on the way home, which is less than a 100 meters from the bus stop. but the lightning is cool! jan

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