Every move I make is horrendously difficult. My head is swimming. People on the street scare me. I feel vaguely like vomiting and generally have no appetite.
Tonight I will pass up on drinking. Probably.
With Dennis and Gwen in town and with the hot weather and compulsion to go to beer gardens it was inevitable that I would get into this state. Drinking through it is an option, but not an option for someone who has to work.
Don’t let me say it hasn’t been fun though. Mayhem has ensued. Gwen left this afternoon, very very reluctantly and Dennis has pissed off just about everyone, which has been comedy. I have been staying out past the point where I can get home easily. Last night two trams and one bus took me a mere 35 minutes walk away from my house. Might as well have waited for the metro to start. Tonight is the Roxy, free Mondays.
I feel that it would be nice to have a full write up of the whole weekend here but lots is missing. How did me and Jess get to Namesti Republiky? Did I really have a ten minute conversation with that girl I don’t even recognize? What was it that I said to Jess that was so funny the next day? Many many questions.
What I do remember is that me and Jess slept through our lessons on Friday, and while I may have got away with it her case is a little trickier. As she would say, *yikes*.
I hasten to add to all of this that my life is not normally like this, and next weekend will be subdued, lazy, comprising a lot of games of chess, that sort of thing.

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