We woke up to a clear blue day, and wrote off the day to sunbathing. The first day of summer and it’s still May. On the hill in the park a number of other people had had the same idea. I covered up a lot but still managed to burn my feet.
Afterwards I cooked some vegetable curry. Sprinkling dried chillies in with my fingers. Then I touched my face and had to spend 20 mins with it under the bathroom tap. Then I had a piss. Oops.
Crisis over, half an hour later, the food was good and the German-dubbed version of Moulin Rouge wasn’t. We set off to the Clown & Bard for movie night but since they were showing ‘Love, Actually’ we sat on the steps. Michelle got a chair and some scissors & cut Jess’s hair (by request) into a pretty severe fashionable mullet. After twenty minutes of street hairdressing we’d drawn a crowd.
Thankfully the results were more than successful.

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