Friday night in the Clown & Bard was cool – an old American guy with 21 mouth organs turned up and held an impromptu gig there and then. There seems to be a real scene going on there now – semi-permanent residents have returned. We were tired from being up so late (the weekender’s sleep pattern problem) and had to go home early.
Today has been great, we’ve had quite an adventure all-in-all. After a small lie-in we tried to escape Jess’s flat but found we had lost the key and were locked in. After twenty minutes or so it was found by me in my pocket and we set out.
The tram lines around Biskupcova are being dug up so we walked across the Olsanka cemetery to the Indian shop/cafe near my old house. Jess was impressed, we will be returning there often. Then, on a whim, onto my old house to collect some videos and see Ivana. Irish David accompanied us to the Parukarka Park for a Sunbathe, then we bumped into Johnny, basked in the sun for a few hours and played dice with teenage Czech girls, with white tree-fluff blowing over us.

As the sun was on its way down we went over to Johnny’s house to watch ‘Head’ and lots of Simpsons.
We arrived at the Blind Eye late, and found a birthday party in progress. With food. And cake. And a little too much of something else too.

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