Spent a day writing today. That means cooking food, eating it, going for a walk, listening to the radio, listening to CDs, staring blankly at a notepad. A bit is done, but I am well behind.
Then I was going to go to the Roxy and see Múm play, but for various reasons that doesn’t seem to have worked, so I’m going to borrow some mon and get drunk instead. Tomorrow is payday! I hate exclamation marks, but they are occasionally justified.

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  1. dubaboutme says:

    hello weejay, i noticed miss kittin was in your interests, so i thought this link could interest you (it’s about i.com, her new album, and there are some interesting goodies inside this site).. here is the link :

    (i’m sorry if this post doesn’t nothing else but boring you, don’t hesitate to delete it if so. cheers and thank you :)

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