Sick as a dog but still working. What a trooper. Had a restless nights sleep followed by a hard slog to work. Fell asleep on the train in a suit, what a sight. What I’m not sure of is whether this illness is teeth based, can anyone tell me if that is possible? My teeth don’t hurt that much, but a little at least, and other symptoms like a headache, aching limbs, etc have followed, though they may not be connected.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    it is entirely possible that the headache is related to the tooth ache, but you probably knew that already.
    i don’t know about the other stuff but will ask a pre-med friend of mine…

  2. iloveyourmum says:

    do you have aids of the mouth? cos i’ve heard that can hurt.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Toothache sick bad day? Jesus I think you should be more worried about the fact you have a suit!

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