It is cold and raining, I am poor and my teeth hurt. Moan moan moan. I am really starting to dislike Mondays, though it’s a bit of a cliché. Today is a little too full of tasks for my liking, a ‘to do’ list now half completed. When I get them all done I can go back to bed. I wish the sun would come back out, my tan needs to develop a bit. Instead we have the first of the spring rainstorms outside, the drama and romance of which has faded considerably this year.
Went for a quick couple of pints at the Clown and Bard last night and found the place host to an immense end-of-the-hockey party. Joined in a little, but couldn’t catch up on the drinking before it was time to go. Did bump into a few Swedish friends (commiserating their loss in the final) and found out that Linn is expecting, which came as quite a shock. That makes 3 with Kveta and Becky, spring is certainly in the air.

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