The working week is over. I am much pleased.
There were two new students this morning – both nice guys who will be fun to teach in the future.
After the lessons I went to Carrefour to look at fish and get free samples of chocolate. I had to wait for the tasting round the corner, pretending to look at oatmeal until they had laid out the chocolatey goodness. One of these days I’m going to see if I can spend a whole day eating free samples from supermarkets, eventually they will realise, but when? A long time if I bring a change of clothes. And a false beard.
At the counter with my three small items I had to wait for ten minutes while a mullet-ponytail guy on rollerblades did a price check on a medium-sized green polythene square, purpose & use unknown. While she waited the checkout woman read carefully the instructions on the back of a packet of condoms.
The weekend starts here.

4pm – update.
Last two hours shopping for, bringing back, cooking and eating a large full English breakfast. Yum. Can hardly move. Jussi did the cooking element, he should have a medal or a statue or something.

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