Sat down last night to watch the Czech Repulic vs USA ice hockey. CR were ahead until the last period when the USA equalised, then after extra time won via penalties. Martin said it was a black day for the Czech Republic. I said it was like being in England again.
Another mostly canceled day today, the exception to the rule being the earliest and worst lesson. It has taken me two weeks to figure out what is wrong with the guy, beyond any personal animosity or even his resentment at being made to take English classes. The guy is simply a cock. For some reason I’ve felt rough all day, so the hour was a total chore, but then all the better for being over with.
I killed a few hours in bookshops and on the internet, then went in the direction of Tesco but was accosted in the street by an old man who asked;
“Mluvis cesky… anglicky?”
“Where can I get something like this…?” He pointed at my (Russ’s) fold-out work file.
“I don’t know,” I apologised, “a friend left it here.”
“Oh,” he said with real regret, and with a malicious smile “you had better run fast before I get it.”
Made me laugh for five minutes the way he said it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would that be Mr. Medilek by any chance?
    Intrigued, North London

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