News from China

China is fine. Nothing like as strange as you’d think. I’ve been here just over a week but it feels like a month or more. At first I was apprehensive about even leaving the flat (which is a fairly sweet deal) but now I walk around like I own the place.
I was going to write a huge description of my week but can’t think straight after the medical I had at the hospital this morning. I found out I have a heart condition. Probably not a very serious one, apparently, but all the same I can’t write when I’m worrying about myself so much.
Will write properly when I get over it, say, tomorrow. Or in a few days.

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1 Response to News from China

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your decision to quit smoking many moons ago looks better all the time, huh? If it’s any consolation Errington, I have random heart/artery pain more often than i would like..and i’m only 30, so bugger that for a joke. All the best anyways – glad to hear that China isn’t as ‘whacky’ as us western-types think it would be. Ride that great big bitch!
    p.s. mr.russ finer – if you’re hard enuff ;o)(and if you read this of course..)

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