Feeling a little better, and the week’s serious work over, I have been attempting to lay back, with little success, though the days are already as hot as August in English.
Went to the Park Cafe in Riegrovy Sady, where I plan to spend a good deal of the summer. Queued for ten minutes to get a beer. There wasn’t anyone there so I was just going to sit and read and enjoy the sun. At the head of the line I was about to order when a wasp landed on my face and then just wouldn’t go away. I tried moving, shifting around, hoping it would move on to somebody else. I hate wasps. Eventually I had to just walk out of the queue and lose my place. There was no chance of rejoining – the two teenage girls who had taken my place were still laughing at me. I walked out of the park and towards Zizkov, narrowly avoiding kicking a little dog on the way.
To make up for it I decided to get some french fries to take away from U Houdku, like I do every other day or so. There was a new guy working there, so:
“Excuse me, can I get french fries to take away?”
I am sitting inside, in the cold, drinking filter coffee.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    u should have kicked the dog. i did once by accident gave me a certain satisfaction. at work, tired bordering on hallucinations/ hyperactivity. god when i was in exeter had another hallucination, this time in the form of joey on the friends box aka babe the pig.
    another bank holiday next weekend which totally took me by surprise. off for my friend jules bday. food, clubbin and party allnighter should be lots of fun.
    god i got the last lot of prague photo’s. craziest photo’s ever. lots of debauchorous action and a priceless classic of david and hamish kissing?! and david looking longingly into h eyes. the photo’s rock. perfectly captures the madness. the chemist even gave me a free film with every film i developed.
    anyways hope u kids r good. am listening to music, working..
    love lisa xx

    • Re: HEY
      Lisa you are nuts. Will get around to writing some day soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: HEY
      David kissing me??!! I canny remember that one…
      Was it at the Blind Eye on your last night, I wonder?
      The Norwegian girls had some great photos of that night. I was humping somebody from behind (Bob I think..) and dancing in a strange, strange manner – as we all were, of course. Hmm.

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