Ok, a break from my escapades to tell you all about the kind of dick who hangs around in this city.
We have an expats website here, at http://www.expats.cz
I was attempting to sell my computer on it.
I need to sell my computer to get some cash, I have none left.
I need a house, hence some money for rent.
The natural place to sell the computer is this site.
Meanwhile I also post a stupid joke.
Nobody gets the joke. Eventually it winds up like this:
You may wonder why I am getting so furious down the page. The reason is that the tit with the penguin logo found my other post and did this to it:
Hence nobody has bought the fucking thing.
Some people hang around posting to message boards all day, then they act all intimidating to other people if they post to them, because they are some kind of internet character, “famous on the website.” Like they have some kind of moral high ground.
The internet is shit sometimes. A lot of the time. Because of wankers like this one above.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ~Hey.. oui J, aka James, I have to admit I have been a regular reader of your fantastic journals.. maybe one day this will make your fortune.. ha.. just to say hope all is going well.. I lost the umbrella you left round my house, and hope to see you in England some time!!
    Laters Dan aka MadsKilZ

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