Another minor crisis. Rent was due on Tuesday and I still have none. I was to borrow money off Russ but he can’t get any till the school pay him for work 3 months ago.
The only thing to do then is try to avoid Jacques by going out and hiding in my room. The latter is hard when there are lessons to be taught and my book is in the kitchen. Yesterday I managed this feat by hiding upstairs until I heard him take the lift down, grabbing the book, running down to the 4th floor and hiding around the corner until I heard the ancient mechanism returning him to the flat, the rubbish presumably having been taken downstairs.
Book in hand, I managed to escape outside to continue the game by dodging tram fares.

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  1. you live in prague!
    Hi, you don’t know me but I like Kafka and so do you but what’s more interesting is that you live in Prague and I don’t which means that you can visit Kafka’s grave and his old house and I cannot do that because unfortunately there are no such things in Toronto, Canada.
    I’ve always wanted to go to Prague.

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