There’s been enough saying today is the day. Yesterday was the day. It was the day I finally had to come to the decision to leave my extravagant penthouse flat to go and find a reasonably priced shithole. I have two weeks, then I am homeless.
Jacques seemed pretty pleased to hear the news. He seemed even more pleased when he was spotted later that night in the Marquis De Sade. Those who know him will recall that he seldom drinks to excess. Now we know why. After taking bodyshots from every available person he made out with the previously heterosexual Matthew from Blind Eye, took off his shirt and stood on the table in his leather trousers, dancing and singing the French national anthem to the bar.
Thirty people looked on aghast, though only three of them share the burden of living with the man. I, for my part, managed to miss this entire scene, hearing about it secondhand from Amanda.
On balance, I’m glad I missed it all.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    why do i always miss the fun huh? although maybe im glad i missed that… matt now gay, or bi or what? or does he just not care?
    good luck finding a shithole, i thought you were going back to the uk?

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