Another year, another Mardi Gras. Bobo woke me at one pm yesterday to inform me of the festivities. As it was only myself and Amanda in, we made our way across Žižkov to the TV tower, where a relatively small but very eager troupe of circus performers, Brazilian drummers and other strangely dressed people danced through the snow-lined streets.
Utterly fucking brilliant. A couple of hundred frozen Czechs going wild through the dilapidated streets, old ladies watching from run-down tower blocks as we passed. Every few blocks there was a pause, for some more tricks or drumming. Then at the town hall, trumpets on the balcony (then howling dogs underneath) introduced a large figure dressed as a king, who announced “free food and beer” so we followed into a small courtyard and took a rest with tlačenka and pivo.
Utterly fucking brilliant.
Today I have been at a job interview with two old school communist era middle managers. The people, the building and the street were all from a 60s Miloš Forman film time warp. Next door was probably the last shop in Prague to sell 2.5 crown orangeade in a returnable bottle. Which tasted like piss, unsurprisingly.
Also in the news: just heard Southampton types Delays on the world service, apparently due to be the “next big thing,” and Mark Goodier’s tip for the week.
I cant wait to see Rowley on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

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  1. rubysurprise says:

    they were on citv’s new sm:tv programme “mynestry of mayhem”. me and lou screamed the whole way through because that is our general reaction to everything.

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