The snow has melted. Now we have the city of black ice. Damn.
Not much to report now as I have been staying in, writing, trying to get jobs, etc.
The last of this is now necessary as I don’t have any work left, bar one 200 kč lesson a week, and that’s not enough to pay for anything at all. Its given myself a kick up the arse to start looking properly for work.
Did go out a couple of nights back to see Miss Gail being a human jukebox. It was sweet, and so was the free beer. And Gail’s mum.
Everyone is going back to their home countries post-new year too.
Still not smoking. So when I go out I drink too much and act like a twat. Might have something to do with being in a low patch too, probably does, but a productive one. A new experience.

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