The longer I put off updating this, there more there is to write. Instead of glossing over I may as well go over stuff in a vague amount of detail at least.
So, I have been back in Prague for just over a week, though it seems like a month.
Before new year there were a couple of normal enough nights out. Jan and Lara were still subletting my room so I was temporarily relegated to the cupboard. Many many other friends have returned from their travels around the world, too many to name. It’s a little odd. Like I’ve been in some bizarre dream where everyone I’ve known comes back. People I’ve spent a good deal of time wondering about pass by like shadows…. I say hello but haven’t any time to spend with them, too busy being sick as a dog and drinking fruit juice because I overdid it and caught some virus.
Still, if it is transmissible in any way then a few more people will be getting it soon.
Before the illness was new years eve itself. The plan was that we would all meet up in the Blind Eye, party lots, then go up the park on the hill to set off fireworks just after midnight. A shame that the human element failed with a good few people unilaterally fucking off to old town square and not telling anyone else until it was too late to re-organise everything. I got pissed in both the English and American senses and set off all my fireworks in the street, then darted up to Riegrovy Sady to slide down the ice-covered hill over and over again with the Croatians, downing the bottle of champagne I’d picked up in the pub.
When I got back an hour and a snowball fight later the alcohol took no time in kicking in. I fell asleep in the middle of a massive New Year party like a sucker, then had to beg people to help me find my coat and hat so I could go to bed. It was only 4 o’clock. A really shit new year, as usual. Think I can count only two really good ones and they were in Southampton.
Jan and Lara were leaving on Saturday, so Thursday January the First was their blow out party, involving no planning at all apart from inviting everyone we could think of. To our surprise more than half of them turned up and so six hours after waking up and still with a terrible hangover I started drinking again. The rest of the night has a bit of a haze over it, but I’m afraid I may have demonstrated to everyone why it is that I generally drink in moderation. I’m really not sorry to anyone other than myself and promise that it will happen again, within six months probably. Still, I had plenty of fun at the same time, not saying otherwise.
Two days of illness later, Jan and Lara, Jussi and three of the Croatians have fucked off again.
And I’m still not smoking. I’m pleased with myself about that at least.
Outside there are a good two inches of snow coating everything, making the place even more beautiful than before. On the other hand, it is fucking cold.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Xmas / NYs / everything to you and everyone, hope its generally perky, noones killed themselves on ice, and snowmen have been built.
    PS: b3ta radio is still nifty.

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