Ok, ok, everyone calm down.
I don’t want to be getting everyone paranoid.
No personal attack was intended.
Very sorry for any offense caused.
But if you read down it was about ME really.

But… really… give a shit?

This week, like every other week, we said goodbye to yet another member of the Blind Eye regulars gang. Carolina and her ass have left us for good and shipped off to Rio, where they plan to lie in the sun while we shiver in sub-arctic temperatures. To celebrate we decided to go to U Houdku and eat gulaš, then get onto the roof of our flat and set off a gigantic firework. It turned out to be an army flare and a bit of a shit one at that, but at least we made it to the roof. One day somebody’s going to fall off that ladder and die.
I hope it’s not me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Roof Mascot
    One thing I was glad to see on the roof was the dead bird corpse still hanging on in up there since last summer.
    Y’know, there’s a message in that for all of us. Not entirely sure what though..

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