Last night was Halloween, so me and Hamish trammed over to Andel where we bought Jason hockey masks. We then combined these with black clothes, hats and gloves for a low budget, unimaginative costume and completed it by walking around staring at people and not talking.
We were due to go to the Blaq Mummy Masky, but it was 100 crowns to get in and we are all utterly skint right now, so we just hopped along to the Blind Eye, where the party was in full swing. Everyone was in costume, and good ones too. Props to the staff for the decorations, don’t know where they got the dry ice from but there was a lot of it. Feel like I should hand out some awards for the customers. So I will.
Most fucked up costume idea: A joint award to Lisa and Caroline, who were respectively a laboratory bunny (good facial veins and carrots in handbag a nice touch) and a Mexican wrestler called “El Muerto Madre” (dead baby made from tights a nice touch, especially its matching mask and underpants.)
Most unusual costume idea: Tim’s gay IRA man comes a close second, but Caroline’s friend (name unknown) runs away with the prize as “Professor Chickenbones,” allegedly a character from The Simpsons, but a survey of the bar revealed that nobody had ever heard of him. Immaculately carried off, nevertheless.
No costume: Jerimiah, Becker, ten or so bemused Czechs.
Believability award: Noah and Austin, respectively a devil and a human fly. Both costumes a little too convincing.
Most Ridiculous accident: Ales, for managing to cover his hair with bright red hairspray and set it on fire with a candle, making the room smell of burned hair for half an hour or so.
Special Award: Nicky, for being the one to finally burst the eye-shaped pinyata. I managed to miss it entirely and had to hang my head in shame. Did get it on the rebound though. Inside were sweets and condoms, all grabbed by a thousand hands from nowhere.
Disgraceful drunken state: Paul. Easy with the drinking, seriously.
But the overall award goes to: Chris, of course. What he was supposed to be, other than a woman of some variety, is a mystery. Still, amazing job with the whole get-up, though I know he gets a lot of practice dressing up anyway.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wang from Dan
    Sounds like swell goodness, and so does Hamish too. Jollies for the both of you. Did you get the dvd?
    Dan, dirty pub, Bermondsey.

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