Bank holiday weekend nearly over and masses of (creative) work done for a change. All to avoid going out into the sun, I suppose. Don’t get me wrong, big fan of the summer and all that, just entirely unprepared for it. Was expecting a bit of spring first.
Woke up vaguely down today when I realised I’d been in England for approx six months now, which is a long time. There was some programme on radio four about a “journalist and broadcaster” searching for a partner via speed dating, which added to a general mood of unease. Is that me in ten years? If six months can go so fast then how soon will that be? These thoughts wouldn’t be passing through if I hadn’t of late started to think about getting a girlfriend again, what with it being summer and all. It’s a nice thought, but with two major flaws. The first being where I’d find the time – I would have to give up sleeping, working, writing or TV and I’m already pressed as it is. The second, where to meet? I never go out and when I do, I fall asleep (due to… well, see all the entries below). I suppose I could give up TV. Seems like a lot of effort for (most likely) limited results.
Sorry, I’m a bit crap, aren’t I? Think my priority should be going to the doctor to see why I’m constantly shattered and always have a cold before I think about anything else.
Yawn. Back out into the sun, then.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one that feels that way. I’m kinda stuck in the same position. I don’t have time to do anything between work,school, and sleep(which I’m not about to give up). I just wanted to make you feel less alone.

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