So, back in dear old blighty, IDS has got the chop. If you don’t know who I’m talking about then skip this paragraph. My interest in politics, especially English parliamentary politics, especially infighting and plotting in the tory party is a lot higher than it should be by rights. They’re all scheming all the time, apparently. And now they’ve got rid of IDS, a man who shouldn’t have been there in the first place, there by virtue of not offending the population of the country or all the blue rinse brigade, most of whom would like a fifty year old virgin who would like flogging on TV to be in charge.
But, back in the real world, such events do not take place. Instead I have been attending many musical events – Blaq Mummy (as amazing/appalling as ever), Arab Strap (not a great show, but still best of the week) and Fun Loving Criminals (free ticket, entertaining enough) – and may start writing reviews so I can get free tickets but probably won’t get around to it.
We have a new housemate too, Croatian ballet dancer Ivana. We’ve chipped in together to get an actual computer (George Shimmy’s – RIP), so now I can type writing stuff and copy CDs, both new innovations to me. I will be spending the next week doing equal amounts of both, that is unless Hamish succeeds on getting me hooked on some computer game. I will resist, though. Also, Halloween tomorrow, and four parties going on. We will go to the coolest two. The other two will have to do without our presence. Tough on them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello from bob
    Hello again. Who lives in the house now? Is that french fucker still there? Anyway I leave Ireland on wednesday. I go to sweden for a week and then back to the states for a month to see the parents.(have not seen them for almost two years) while there I am going to work to get money togethr to go to china. I should be in asia in the next two months or so. Enjoy prague and mabye I come for a visit on my to china

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