I got up early today to visit my new dentist. She spent approx. 50 mins drilling my mouth but it was all good and now I have a stumpy thing instead of an upper left molar and a numb left side of the face. Damn cheap though… dentists in the UK must make a fucking fortune. SO, painless, cheap, very nice generally. I almost enjoyed having my tooth pulled in and out for half an hour.
Erm, thats it.
Lovely sunny day, want to lie outside and read a book.

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  1. ex_guild says:

    I think most of my “enjoyment” of trips to the dentist are due to my overactive imagination. If I think it’s going to be the worst thing ever it usually turns out to be only a mild irritation. Afterwards I walk out skipping and thinking “Wow, I kinda enjoyed that.” I guess everything is relative.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who the fuck is Bob?
    Hej James!
    Who is Bob, who is writing to you here? Is he my man MAN, who left from Praha to Netherlands, Italy, Greece or somewhere?? Hey Bob, please sing to me The Monkey Song and write how your are doing!!

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