It’s autumn now and shockingly so too. Suddenly I need to wear a jumper during the daytime, unheard of since may. Still, it feels like everything is more interesting, bright, emotionally charged. It probably only feels like this because I’m not used to one season jumping to the next without so much as a cooling off period. Wouldn’t mind another day or two of summer though.
Anyway. Blaq Mummy still rock like a trumpet-and-theremin-wielding Egyptian metal beast and an unbelievable amount of people came to see them on Thursday. Then some more drinks over the weekend and the news that Misa is not being thrown out at all (hmmmm). I got extensively told off for not being a capitalist last night, quite shocking really. The guy is alright though, he was just pissed out of his evidently fragile mind, as he was asking me of all people advice for dealing with girls.
And the football today – Viktoria Zizkov. No goals but Klobasa and Pivo so all good.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    who is misa
    who the fuck is misa?
    Love Bob

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