So, so, so, so.
I am still working a whole 2 hours a week since my boss has suddenly developed a conscience about paying me under the table when I haven’t got a visa and shouldn’t technically be in the country. I’ll be alright come October though.
Dreaded psycho housemate Jacques has finally re-appeared and seems to be remarkably sane so far. Doesn’t look like Benson & Hedges are coming back though, so we’re going to have to advertise for some new house-mates. Non psycho-compulsive-obsessive-post-it-note-sticking ones with any luck.
Last night was a full moon party at the old Blind Eye. Free beer always goes down well. Fuck all else to report though, Except that Míša (Chelsea), my absolute favorite person in the world and not in any way annoying recently, is being thrown out of her parents house and it looks like she’s going to have to move in with me for a while. So yip-de-skip. She’s started getting paranoid too. Last time she phoned me up for no reason at all me & Russ were laughing about something and she somehow got the impression that I was with some girl because I was having fun. Jesus fucking christ in a fucking sidecar. She just phoned me and brought it up again.
Anyone got any advice?
Tonight is a september the 11th party, with the mighty mighty Blaq Mummy playing again. I am on the guest list for some random reason, can’t understand why unless it’s a pretty fucking big guestlist. It should rock like a fucking monster though.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    umm…..reassure, reassure, reassure. go out of your way to reassure.
    you don’t have a visa? i thought you had a visa?

    • I haven’t got a visa – my tourist visa ran out 3 months ago, but nobody cares if you’re from an EU country anyway. I heard of some guy wo crossed the border into Germany without his expired-visa passport and was let back in with a little bribe.
      I’d say 50 percent of teachers here work under the table, shame my boss hasn’t got a clue about the way things are. Shame he pays so well too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hello you basterd. are you online right now? Bob

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