Its been a pretty good few days since I last updated so let’s see…
First there was this party at a very expensive restaurant called Ambiente. Russ teaches the owner so had 2 tickets. We turned up in smart clothes as did everyone else except the owner who was wearing jeans and an old t-shirt. Classy. We got more free high quality italian food and wine than we knew what to do with, a truly exceptional blag. I think that blagging something you in no way deserve is one of the true pleasures of life and will add it to my interests when I finish writing this. There was also this guy there with a terrible blue suit and eighties hair (in a bad way) who approached us with free champagne and proceeded to tell us all about the brand, the vintage, the area for five minutes. He just wouldn’t go away. We watched him try to advertise this lousy plonk to every rich socialite that passed and considered putting vinegar in the bottle while he wasn’t looking but couldn’t be bothered. Then Blind Eye, more drinks, etc.
Um, then last night was the boat party. I’ve somehow never been on one before but this one was the best. Free fresh fruit and ciggies while we steamed up and down the Vlatva to tech-house with drummers, saxophone players, dancers and 200 people enjoying themselves a lot. Also Kat, if you are reading this – there was your evil twin there. Well, maybe not evil but looked exactly like you.
And that’s all. Orbith tonight. I am still alive.

fucking cool

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  1. rubysurprise says:

    was she the star of a not so popular channel four soap?

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