Whoah whoah whoah whoah… yat da dat da da.

Hanna’s left me and Russ alone in the flat and gone off back to Finland. At least until damned Jacques returns from Corsica or wherever and Bea gets back (if she does at all). Sunday night was a bit heavy, I’m starting to wonder whether this steady constant beer drinking is good for me. When I arrived here I had to take a break every now and then. Now I just keep on going with it. Can’t stomach spirits like I used to though. Just beer. I say all this because I did some calculations and I’m drinking over 65 units a week, the recommended limit being 20. Eck.
Sunday, then, was just plain stupid. Out till 7.30 and not even in a club. Still, we needed to celebrate the going of a Blind Eye / Penthouse Suite fixture. Hi Hanna, if you are reading. Hope it’s not TOO cold.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Terve James
    Of course Im reading this James! So, please updated this as often as possible, so I get to know whats going on there.And do you know whats cool..Here in everyhting in Finnish now like mitä Weejay kirjoitti..etc. cool, so I dont have to use my small brains for reading english things. Finnish is a great and very usefull language as you know..
    When I came here I was shocked, cause it was sooo cold here, +3 celcius or something. This is not normal, its extremely cold, but it could happen if you live this north..
    Im happy to see my friends, but almost everyone is dating very seriously and getting married etc. so i just felt a bit outsider and VERY single, which usually havent been very bad thing..I have been listening lots of Orbith, which is great! Here everyone seems to listening hiphop or something like that, very american music..Blaah.
    Now I have to go and do something ( Im not lazy anymore!;)), but write me some email and tell how is everything there.
    I miss you and Russ sooo much! Enjoy your life there and take care

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