As I probably have said before, the weather here in the summer is generally given to only operating in the extremes. Either there is a heat wave or a thunderstorm. Yesterday the latter was taking place, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because we were standing outside under a small awning watching Freak Parade perform on an entirely inadequately covered stage while the torrent poured over their monitors and effects pedals. They fucking rock and didn’t get electrocuted, surprisingly. They even did an encore while people danced around in the rain.
After that we went to the Roxy, which was free, but I was still feeling a bit sick so I went home.
In house news Bob has gone forever with Russ moving into his room, whilst Hamish and Bea have shipped off to Holland for a month to pick flowers and live in a tent (sounds like fun) so Finnish Hanna has moved into their room for the meantime and I have today cut her hair and cleaned all the floors, like a good boy.
Carrie and Swedish Hanna have already gone back to their native lands, for a bit.

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