Didn’t spend long in Salzburg, bit too Austrian and all that, though very pretty, almost like some weird dream in fact. Still, can’t afford to stay somewhere like that for too long and the hostel I finally found was actually an actual youth hostel with kids and male/female floors and a canteen and everything.
Thankfully the one I have found in Budapest is much better, graffiti everywhere, smoke where you want, staff party and drink all night, etc. Budapest is… well, its been a bit of a culture shock really. All I can say is, don’t try to dodge the fare on the metro. I did, I got caught, and they were not terribly nice about it and definitely not up for the old “I’m just a stupid english tourist” crap. So I got fined, but it was only 600 forints, which works out as two quid, so that’s alright, but I may have lost my passport, which isn’t. They aren’t really that casual about passports over here, it’s not like western europe much at all but its got a fantastic atmosphere I can’t describe. I don’t feel in the slightest danger which is more than I can say for London at night.
Anyway, better hunt for that passport and go talk to the people in my hostel, who I slept in front of for a good 18 hours last night.

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3 Responses to alright

  1. Anonymous says:

    yo dood
    yo dood
    gwen here quickly saying hi am leaving derby rd to live in the van good to hear you are cool.
    i will write to you soon properlyXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Re: yo dood
      Cool. Though you probably have my old e-mail address. New one is weejay at (sorry, can’t find the at sign on this hungarian keyboard).

  2. ya, there’s very few places where you can dodge the metro fare and get away with it….can’t do it in Prague either…bad…

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