Finally moved out of Berlin, realised I was supposed to be travelling about and that my railcard will be running out soon. Still, that’s one of the funnest weeks of my life and I’m sad to say goodbye to Perrine and Ittai, though I will be going to visit Perrine in Paris come the end of November.
Meanwhile I’ve had another accommodation based nightmare, this time in Salzburg. This time I didn’t get mugged but it was raining quite a lot and my left leg had seized up from sleeping on the floor so if you can picture me limping around this city while it was pissing it down and once falling over in front of some germans you might get the general idea. Even the christian hostel was full and I went there as the last resort. There was a Pension with a zimmer frei though, so I paid 36 euros for their last (double) room and indulged in luxuries like showering and shaving and sleeping in a proper bed etc.
Then this morning I found a hostel, eventually. I did get very annoyed and write a song called ‘Austrian ****’ to sing at everyone that passed though.

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  1. baconbits says:

    wow.. aside from some of those setbacks and the leg part.. it sounds wonderful!! what i’d give to go to europe and travel and be doing what i want to do.. that’s so great!

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