I don’t know

Ok, still in Berlin somehow, was planning to leave on saturday after a dull few days with nothing much going on but I met some people in the hostel, a french girl called Perrine and an israeli guy called Ittai and we went out and had a drink and before I knew it we’d all moved into a friend of a friend of Ittai’s recording studio, where the 3 of us have slept the last two nights. Its been a really funny weekend, on Saturday we wandered into a launch party for some art exhibition which turned out to be a wedding and stole lots of beer and cake while pretending to be guests then went downstairs and saw some private gig by a mexican electro duo. And last night it was the election here so I went with Perrine to a party somebody she knew was having to celebrate and we left at 3am and had to ‘find’ a bike and both ride on it at once, all the way through Berlin in the rain while both too drunk to cycle straight. Today the weather is still miserable and we’re probably going to see a film or something, at a bit of a loose end really. We’ve been cooking our own food and paying no rent so lots of money left still.
I havent talked to anyone English for more than a week now and I’ve forgotten how not to talk English in a French accent with French grammar. I don’t know if it’s coming across in this but it’s very strange.

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  1. dollyrocket says:

    When I was at school this girl next to me was complaining about German lessons and she suddenly blurted out “Why must we learn the language of the enemy?” and got two lunchtime detentions for being racist. Thought I’d share that.

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