Blaze & Whores.

Train to Berlin goes in an hour and a half. Got a sleeper carriage to save on accommodation money since I’ve somehow spent so much money in Paris & Amsterdam. Have had an amazing few days here though – Got attacked twice, had money stolen, only blazed up the one time and didn’t do the other thing the city’s famous for – but still somehow had the time of my life. I just met so many funny funny people, read 3 books (1 per day), oh and rented out a bike and whizzed all around the city today, which may not sound like a huge laugh but Amsterdam has so much weird shit to cycle round at top speed and about a thousand people doing the same thing at the same time. Best was this gothic church tunnel with a cycle path straight through it and someone playing toccata & fugue on a church organ in the middle. I can’t tell you what a headfuck that is at 30 miles an hour.
Anyway… If anyone is reading this at all then hello, please do feel welcome to leave a comment below, if anyone is reading this that is…

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2 Responses to Blaze & Whores.

  1. dollyrocket says:

    I had a dream about Amsterdam. I think I might go there but being attacked isn’t fun…

  2. i would love to come and visit sometime. perhaos in the autumn though as i need to settle into a job soon, earn some money and attend loads of weddings in the summer. i guess i’ll think about it properly later in the year anyway.

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