50 songs from last year – #1 – Shamir – On The Regular

Downloading lists of songs without context (or even pictures) can lead to some odd things happening. I listened to this a good ten times on the subway and thought Shamir was (a) a girl and (b) English. It was only when I saw the video that I realised I was wrong.

As to why / how it’s at #1 here, that should be pretty self-evident. It was a bit of a lean year, good ideas were generally winding down. I’m not saying this is hugely original, but it stands out more than anything else.

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2 Responses to 50 songs from last year – #1 – Shamir – On The Regular

  1. Kat says:

    Now the list is complete I am going to work through it and add the ones I like to Spotfiy. This is going on there.

  2. I might make it a bit easier, if people still use mp3s that is.

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