Long-distance Childhood

I grew up 5500 miles away from my wife.
For her birthday, in a Stalinesque re-writing of history I’ve been editing myself into her childhood photos.

No laughing at my poor photoshop skills, please.

Here we are at two years old. I wanted to match the colours but V prefers it this way.

mix 2

Here we are at three. This one’s a little small as I scanned it in an era when lower resolution pictures were expected.

mix 3

Aged seven

mix 7

Aged ten. This one took the longest by far.

mix 10

Aged 15. Quite pleased with this one.

mix 15

Aged 21. Yeah, this is a bit silly. Also, no foot.

mix 21c

…and aged 21 too. This one’s better, my picture is captured from a video.

mix 21b2

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2 Responses to Long-distance Childhood

  1. Pat Roberts says:

    These are great! It is nice to see some photos of V as a child. I particularly like the aged 10 photo although the last one is pretty fine, too.

  2. Katie Davies says:

    Adorable. Good work.

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