Week: Conclusions

So, after a week of painfully detailed blogging, what have I learned?

1. Yes, my daily life isn’t that interesting.
2. And Christ, I chose the dullest week of all to do it.
3. Nobody was that interested in reading it, so far as I can tell.
4. BUT! I still seem to be able to write about it fairly well, so long as I don’t faff around planning it.
5. But it would be better if I spent my efforts / time writing about something that is interesting.
6. So I’m getting off my lazy arse and preparing some projects for next year.
7. And then I’ll do them instead of talking about them.

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1 Response to Week: Conclusions

  1. Pat says:

    Number 3 is not true. It was interesting in the little details, even if it was a boring week for you.

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