Things I’ve seen on the internet this week

50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

None of them actually “unexplainable,” but worth a look anyway. Mr Men reviews by Hamilton Richardson

On Mr Uppity;
“In a thinly-veiled reference to the oppression of the workers by the ruling class, we are told that Mr Uppity is rude to everyone, and the detail that he has no friends in Bigtown explicitly informs us that the masses are on the brink of revolution. Are we about to bear witness to class war, Hargreaves-style? To see Mr Uppity brought to account by the revolutionary power of the proletariat? Vanquished and overthrown by the party of the workers?
Not so. Mr Uppity is no Marxian analysis, no Leninist prescription for class action. As always, Hargreaves’ inherent and essential conservatism comes to bear. His critique of the bourgeoisie comes not from the proletariat but from the feudal aristocracy. It is the authority of a king that places limits upon Mr Uppity’s excesses, as his usurpation and arbitrary exercise of power has violated ‘the natural order of things’. Hence the protection the masses are dealt in response to this transgression is paternal, and they receive it as subjects not radical agents of change. ”

Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes

Pretty sure everyone who wants to see this has seen it already, but here it is anyway. Horrible, horrible but can’t look away.

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  1. seen them all but they’re all brilliant especially the last one which is strangely compelling.

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