Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog #004 – Year of the Rat

Since this week is the first in the Chinese Year of the Rat, and since China is where I live right now, a rat-and-mouse-themed podcast seemed suitable. Why rats and mice? Because the Chinese don’t make a distinction between the two… not just a justification for using that Adam & The Ants demo, I promise.

Here’s what we have for you today, then:

1. The Walkmen – The Rat
2. The Specials – Rat Race
3. Mogwai – Ratts of the Capital
4. Blood Brothers – Rat Rider
5. Ride – Mousetrap
6. Cliff Carlisle – Mouse’s Ear Blues
7. Roland Rat Superstar – No. 1 Rat Fan
8. Adam & The Ants – Mice In Freefall (demo)
9. Sonic Youth – Rats
10. Syd Barrett – Rats
11. Rats – Rats Revenge Pt. 1
12. Sufjan Stevens – Year of the Rat

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