Lately I’ve been a bit bored, for the first time since I came to China. It has a little to do with breaking up with my girlfriend, though I don’t regret it at all. Perhaps it has more to do with living on my own. Since I was born I’ve lived in shared houses – from my Parents’ houses to the commune we lived in to all the student houses in Southampton to the hostels of Europe and the expat flats of Prague. Since moving to China I’ve had five flatmates – Brent, Samantha, John, Macro and Kevin. Kevin moved out nearly two months ago and I don’t think the school would dare put anyone else in the room; it’s not far removed from a cupboard and the double bed takes up about 90% of the space.
Now I’ve given up on finding my own place and given in to the reality in living in a school apartment, the situation seems bound to remain the same. There probably won’t be any more teachers coming before I leave and it’s too much trouble to move me somewhere else. I like the place a little too – the only problem is getting in at night, as security-obsessed managers have built a huge iron fence around the building and lock the gate between 12am and 6am.
I’m not exactly an extrovert, but I am a social person and find it really very strange not having anyone else around. Perhaps I need a little time to get used to it. Perhaps I just need to go and find myself a new girlfriend.

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    Go for a girl without kids and a wedding ring this time, it’ll make things easier! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aw, diddums.
    Anyway no wonder you haven’t got a girlfriend at the moment. Last time I looked you were eating duck foetus for dinner. You crazy fucking bastard.
    All the best, Russ

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