Must update more frequently

Had my mum, stepdad, sister and sister’s boyfriend over last weekend for a brief visit. Work got in the way again, so all it was possible to do really was go to vegetarian restaurants and walk about a bit. Good to see them all again and that, would like to have made it a bit longer but there you go.
Then on Tuesday at about 7pm I got a phonecall from Jan to say that he was in Brighton with a (girl)friend, so I went down to the pavilion and found them, then went to the pub to drink the same beer we have in Prague but at 6 times the price. We had some wine and smokes after and I was in no fit state to work the next day but did anyway, then had some noodles with Jan & Jo and said bye until next month (or something like that), when I’m coming to Prague to visit.
A few generally uneventful days passed, then comedylisa came down on Saturday night, so we drank lots more beer, looked at shoes and otherwise had a bank holiday weekend on the beach, watching the sea come in and lap over sunbathers. My skin even went a tenth of a shade darker, then started to peel. Lying down was a bit too tiring in the end, so we went to see the palace pier, horrific but essential, then back home to watch ‘Blow’. Today we got the shoes and she disappeared off to London, then Prague. Good to see her again, will see where our paths cross next.

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  1. comedylisa says:

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    i met some hitchin- homeless estonians go to website and u can surf couches all over the world that rocks.

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