Lineup’s a bit rubbish this year, isn’t it?

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I just spent most of an hour making this. I don’t know why.

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7 Responses to Lineup’s a bit rubbish this year, isn’t it?

  1. you should post it somewhere like b3ta or something. it made me laugh. i can’t wait to see clive dunn on friday.

  2. top_plant says:

    what is up with the running order? nickleback should be much higher on the bill, and possibly moved to sunday. METAL SUNDAY. and uh, a reformed milli vanilli? even though one of them’s dead, the punters would be loving that shit, especially in europe. and reading is *so* in europe.

  3. bunny_fuck says:

    I just randomly found your journal on a search – and I just wanted to say I love that!

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