I slept in until 1pm, then went into town with Amalia to buy a zoot suit from Snoopers’ Paradise. It was refreshingly cheap. Handed in my passport renewal application which worked out at £49 (also known as a day’s work), had a double espresso and dime bar milkshake each and headed down the beach with some sushi to sunbathe, eat and take stupid photos.

Amalia buried in stones

No arms.

When the sun started to go in we went back to the house for Yann’s leaving party. He made us some lasagne and peaches with flumps. It wasn’t too shabby. Here he is:

Then I tried on my suit and Liam got his out, so we had a photoshoot for some reason.

Liam and messef out on the tiles

…escorting Natalia…

…Liam, um, well….

…paying our dues to Amalia…

…now with Yann…

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2 Responses to

  1. white_spyder says:

    Whoa, burying yourself in stones!!??! That’s crazy!
    Pictures rule!

  2. ryam_baco says:

    wohooo! alcohol!!!

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